Academic and Vocational Aspiration and Performance of Agriculture College Students

Authors: V Govinda Gowda, M N Thimme Gowda* and Ashoka Doddamani Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Agricultural Sciences (GKVK), Bangalore - 560 065, Karnataka, India *Department of Agronomy, Agricultural Research Station, V. C. Farm, Mandya, Bangalore - 560 065, Karnataka, India

Agricultural education received a pride and given ad epoch making direction for growth. The present investigation conducted to know the academic and vocational aspiration of students, their learning methods and their participation in sports and co-curricular activities. The study was conducted during 2009-10 in Agricultural College, Hassan. One hundred and eighty students from the three degree programmes viz B. Sc. (Agriculture), B. Sc. (Agricultural Biotechnology) and B. Tech (Food Science) were interviewed for the study. The results reveal that 71 percent are regular in taking notes in the class, nearly fifty percent of students prepare for their examinations by reading two times each subject, about 57 percent of the students review their class work regularly and nearly fifty percent of are having the habit of reading text books in addition to notes. The results also reveal that 17 and 19 percent of students are actively involved in cultural activities and sports activities, respectively. Majority (78%) of the students have maintained cumulative grade point average ranging from 60 to 80 percent. Most of the students (60%) are aiming to do masters degree after their degree programme, one third of the students are aiming to get government job’s and 32 percent are aiming to prepare for the competitive exams. One-fourth of the students are aiming to pursue doctoral degree.

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